Susan Hires a Boss

UPDATE: The job hunt to date

Just a quick update on the job hunt so far. And just the facts.

  • Applications: 26
  • Interviews: 10
  • Finalists: 3
  • Media coverage: magazine, newspaper, podcast
  • Books: Being used as examples in two books (so site will stay up for at least a year)
  • New software "learned": two video conferencing options
  • Twitter followers: lost track
  • New friends: a billion
I've talked with people from Canada, San Francisco, Chicago, Nashville, Plano and Austin. (Where were the people in Dallas?) And along the way, it became clearer and clearer to me just what I wanted from this whole affair. And I think we're almost there. I'll keep you posted.


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unleashedabundance said...

Susan -- I just ADORE your moxie! So much so I blogged about you at my site! I hope your 3 finalists know how lucky they are!!!

Charles KnNell said...


Please name the books using your site as an example, if you are allowed to.


P.S. You are really on to something here. So many people are in jobs they hate and in so doing are doomed to a life of mediocrity.