Susan Hires a Boss

The adventure begins … with my new boss(es)

Paperwork’s all done, ink is dried, commitments made – so I can officially tell you all that I have finally hired a boss. Actually two. (It was just that fun.)

Meet my new bosses – Mike Rustici and Tim Martin from Rustici Software. (Wave, guys!)

And ready to be really jealous? Because here’s what my new job is going to be – product evangelist. Yep, I get to be a mini Robert Scoble. (Whom I’ve never actually met, so I’m not entirely sure just how mini I would be next to him.) Mike and Tim’s company is coming out with a new product that requires them to start talking to an entirely new audience. A non-technical audience. People who look at you blankly if you start saying things like UI and SQL and compilers and so forth. (Come back!! I know I started to lose you there.)

So my job gets to be talking about the new product (called the SCORM Cloud) along with providing more formal marketing thinking and strategy for the company as a whole. Sweet!

If you poke around a little on the Rustici website, you’ll notice right quick a certain voice and style to the way they talk about themselves. That was just the first thing that drew me to them. Then there was the application email and the Twitter conversations with Tim. There was definitely something there.

They figure I get them. I figure they get me. They figure I’ll be a powerful superweapon for them to deploy. I figure this opportunity gives me the chance to flex my superpowers while developing a few new ones. We all figure we’re in for a fun (and challenging) adventure.

Thanks to everyone who has joined me for this ride. It’s been far more than I expected (more on that another day) and you were half the joy of the entire adventure. I’ve met so many really cool people as a result of this experiment (and ticked off a few others) and it’s time to bring it all to an end.



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Christene said...

Congratulations Susan! (or should I give my congrats to Mike and Tim?)

It sounds like a perfect fit. :)

WeWillSee said...

Great Job Susan!

Maybe I should say that Mike & Tim have done a great job by letting you hire them.

Susan, be really quiet & don't tell the guys - I went & read SCORN Explained - I still have no freakin clue what it is. I am sure it is a great product & when I get my 'Tech" brain installed I will fully understand it! Maybe.

Anyway, I am very happy that you have found some great guys to hire.

Allan Young said...

They couldn't be luckier. The only jealousy I have is not being in a position to apply!

Congratulations - I'm sure you'll change the company and the world of e-learning.


Jaremy said...

Congratulations, and best of luck, Susan.

Chris Guillebeau said...

Congrats to you, Susan, and to your new bosses for making a great choice. Your adventure has been fun to follow - and I know it doesn't end with this decision.

All the best,