Susan Hires a Boss

When marketers fall asleep

This kind of stuff happens.

The bike is cool and other pictures show people carrying gardening supplies or camping gear. But this isn't exactly the way to transport this particular precious cargo! (Actually, there's a lawyer at that company having a heart attack over this one.)

Twitterfeed got an influx of cash and put it toward upgrading services and a complete brand overhaul. Which included a new logo. The old one borrowed heavily from Twitter's brand, using the bird, font, font treatment. The new one gives the company its own style and bird. But who thought it was a good idea to go from a bird singing out the RSS to a bird shooting the RSS from its butt?


posted on Jun 21, 2009 under


CleanerLife said...

The new logo looks like some kind of bee with a radio wave being emitted by it's butt to me! :)

VN said...

That's a bird? I thought it was a lightning bug. Either way, I'm not sure it's a good idea to show RSS coming out of a butt, whether said butt belongs to a bug or a bird.

Jon Dale said...

RSS Farts. LOL. Nice catch.