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What marketing should be

The way I see it, everything about your business is marketing. From how easy it was for me to find a parking space to whether I’m able to find what I need on the shelf to whether there’s soap in the bathroom.

So if you think your job as a marketer is just to write stellar copy for the website and ensure the sales staff has brochures and buy tables at events, you are selling yourself short. You could (and should) be having far more impact on the bottom line of our company. On its profile in the community. On the quality of your product.

As Seth pointed out today, it means getting involved in the process early. With the key word there being “involved”. As in not waiting for people to come to you with things to do. Not accepting someone else’s narrow view of your job description. But instead actively looking for ways to make an impact, whether it’s your “job” or not.

Because marketing happens in every corner of your organization. So you should be there too.


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CV Harquail said...

Hi Susan-

It is a neat idea to show your skills with a side by side comparison of presentations...
As I looked at them, I saw not only a stylistic difference but also an audience difference.

Katie's slides are more like what an academic audience expects, nay demands. The slides have 'data' info on them-- it doesn't all come from the text.

Your redo is more like my consulting approach, which places the visuals as more like background, intended (often) to elicit emotion.

I wonder if your redo might be different if you and Katie talked about what her audience needs? This would be a lot of work for a blog post, and/but would take your display of you design and communication skills even further.

lewister said...

Interesting point. Are you saying academics should have to suffer with boring slides? :-)

Here's the thing - when I do presentations, I give you that data, just not on the slides. I give you a handout with everything I tell you so you have that information. But a presenter doesn't need to bore the audience with the presentation of the information, no matter how fact-based. I'd argue that every topic can benefit from more emotion because the point of making the presentation should be to change the audience - their thinking, their knowledge, their attitude. No emotion, no change. (Ooo. New blog post!)