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Taking aim on perfectionism

I did this in one take (couldn't be a post against perfectionism if I had kept shooting it, now could it?) And the whole thing was far more cogent when I outlined it in the shower. But I wanted to try it as a video because I'm still working on my filming and minor editing skills. (And the word I can't seem to think of? Possible.)

What others have been saying about perfection lately (and not so lately):

Good enough instead of absolutely perfect - 37signals
Seven habits of the good enough marketer - Marketing Profs
Breaking the perfection habit - Penelope Trunk

And one of the posts that got me started on this chain of thinking - a look at Microsoft's Project Natal and why their "perfect" video actually hurts them in selling this project.


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Christene said...

Ooh boy. This is a hard one for me. I'll have to watch your video now and again to snap out of it.


Anonymous said...

Did you actually outline this in the shower? Because damn that's productive.

lewister said...

@Christene - glad it rang a bell for you.

@Anonymous - I am hyper-productive. Goes with getting things done being my superpower.

mail said...

Hmm... I awould agree if "perfection" is defined as "getting it right for everyone".

But for those (like me) who define "perfection" as "meeting or exceeding my standards" and "fully content with it even after a week of sleeping over it", then no, perfection is not wrong - even if I piss off my friends (who, then, obviously do not understand me anyway). In the end, I have to be content with what I have accomplished in my life.