Susan Hires a Boss

On being absolutely vital

MySpace announced today they'll be laying off 30 percent of their workers. That's 480 people once you do the math.

So if those 480 weren't functioning in a way that was absolutely vital to the company's mission and survival, why hadn't MySpace been cutting them out already? The way I see it, if you can't make the hard choices involved in running a business, you aren't going to stay in business long.

If you were one of those 480, how could you have made yourself so absolutely vital that you would be the last one out the door? The way I see it, that means understanding your value to the company isn't found in your job description and the company doesn't owe you a job.

To the rest of us, are we making ourselves absolutely vital to our companies, our families, our communities? It's easy to point fingers outward at companies and people and forget to check how the man in the mirror is doing.

Because in the evolution of business, only the absolutely vital survive.


posted on Jun 16, 2009 under