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Cool Company: woot!

I’ve never had the chance to visit Woot, although as it turns out, they’re in my neck of the woods. (Or McMansions actually.) Poking around online and learning about them, though, I see a few things that put them on the list of companies that could apply to hire me.

Everything on the site is in the same voice and style. There is no “this is the marketing” part and “this is the business” part that you get at some companies. They are proof that you don’t have to have boring job descriptions (even for the boring jobs) and a shiny veneer you call company culture.

Have you looked for Woot on MySpace? Facebook? They aren’t there. There are Twitter accounts, but they just give you the RSS feeds from the company sites. Rather than follow the social media train and spread themselves everywhere, Woot has a plan and they’re sticking with it, thank you very much. They built one of the best user communities on the web and pour themselves into interacting with customers there. They were being social long before most companies realized interacting with customers made sound business sense.

The job descriptions come with superpowers. The product descriptions include snide remarks about anyone who would buy such a thing. The contests ask for family pictures of past Woot products. They are having a great time creating a great experience for their clients, who repay them with some pretty passionate love.


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Jaremy said...

Woot is a great company. Innovative, creative and funny. However, they are still at the core a wholesale distribution company. So just make sure you keep that in mind.

lewister said...

@Jaremy - Keep it in mind because ... ? It's a boring core business? To me, that's not important. In fact, the more boring your core business, the more potential can be even greater for building a fun culture. Making a difference in the world can happen anywhere if you let it.