Susan Hires a Boss

Cool People: Megan Casey

Zombies, things that blow up, off-beat toys. It’s the little things I love most about Squidoo’s co-founder and editor in chief, Megan Casey. Her sense of fun is just slightly wacked in a way I truly appreciate. But what about her would make her a cool boss?

Megan is the Tigger to my Eeyore. Every interaction I’ve ever had with her is full of pep, can-do, love that, yeah! She pushes back in a way that makes you feel she’s engaged with what you’re suggesting and really wants it to be the best so you achieve success. If you can make your case, she’s ready to help make it happen.

I asked Megan to give me something on her wish list that I could make come to life. She described what she had in mind, we talked through a few things and then she just let me run with it. What I developed might not have been exactly like what she had envisioned, but she trusted that I would execute to the goals and deliver a product to be proud of.

(Yes, she’s a girl. I can like them too.)


posted on Jun 10, 2009 under