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Visual just as important as words!!

It makes me sad when I see good content destroyed by poor presentation. It could be a blog with tiny white text on a black background. It could be lurid sparkly animated rainbow graphics on a website. It could be a business card with five different fonts. It could be signage with text too small to read.

Visual impact is a key part of communication. I'm sure KD is a fabulous presenter and holds her audience in thrall when she speaks. But slides like these detract from her presentation, not support it. They do little to make her memorable or give her a posture of a forward thinker.

Here's my redo of a few of KD's slides. I was looking for emotional impact, something to strike the memory and to not have every word on the slide. The words and insights should come from KD, not the screen. Thoughts?


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Shawn said...

Great idea re-doing someone else's slides in a more "Seth" way...I liked your's much better!

I thought you might have missed a couple of key points by shortening it so much. Like under KD's obey the rules she has some good points - a couple screen shots of a boring tweet or a TMI facebook update would have got those points across in the same fashion and the pic only needs to flash long enough for people to read it.

lewister said...

I didn't try to do all the slides. In fact, If I was redoing the entire presentation, there would have been about 80 or so slides, not the 14 she had. I was just trying to give a flavor of what I would have done.

Mike said...

Like it. Biggest struggle I have working at a large-ish company is the deck has to stand on it's own. I often can't present it to all who must see/digest the contents. If I can show an image &/or a few words and speak to it I will, but I'm often forced to stuff the meaty content in as well. In just such a case, I go with infographics and other visually appealing ways to differentiate the words from one another. Anyway, great point/post.

lewister said...

Good point, Mike. If I were putting the slides where that was all people were going to see, there would be more info on them. (Or I'd just write a memo!!) But that would be a separate deck just for that purpose. The way I see it, it's lazy to try to use the same deck across all purposes. You wouldn't try to use the same copy for a print ad as a TV ad as a brochure. So don't use the same deck. Use one for the presentation, another for people who couldn't be there with more details. Or a memo. The best presentations are the ones we don't actually give, anyway.

Jule said...

Very nice and I hope KD uses yours--the complete set, of course. And that she has a separate info sheet that stands on it's own. Trying to make slides work like documents is like trying to eat with glasses (or see with a fork).