Susan Hires a Boss

Who is this Susan character?

And just why does she think she can get away with this?

This is my one chance to tell you all about me, right? (Nope. This blog is going to have many such posts.) Because no one is what you see in a one-sheet resume.

Quick background check: I’m wrapping up six amazing months studying with Seth Godin in New York. Nine people, no textbooks, tons of lessons, one life-changing adventure. Honored to have been a part of what is the most selective and rewarding MBA program in the country. (Or the world!)

Before that is years of marketing, public relations, entrepreneurship and journalism. (I was a sports writer, once upon a time. Got to cover Dat Nguyen when he was in high school. Nice kid.) Along the way, I've taught myself how to code HTML (and now CSS), do graphic design and social media.

People describe me as creative, reliable and perfectionistic. I describe myself as curious, practical, hard working and idea hamster. We’re all correct.

I am a doggie mommy. You will love my dog.

My superpower is getting things done. I am The Producer.

I like to create things. I have a whole closet full of fabric. I own crayons. I have every color of paint they make. I am good at matching.

Books are my friends. My tastes are broad in fiction - Gaiman to Galbadon to Niven to Perry - mostly business in non-fiction.

I am pleasant on the phone, can lift 40 pounds and discover everything there is that can be crammed into No. 10 on the job description – “other duties as assigned.”

Where you can learn more about me:


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Jaguar Julie said...

Susan, you are such an amazing talent and I'm sure you will be a credit to any fine establishment. Your boss will be one lucky person to have you on board!

seedplanter said...

Susan, this is by far the most creative and imaginative resume-blog ever. Your new boss deserves you.

Chris Smith said...

I used to think I was creative until I saw this outstanding online . . . er, uh . . . websume? Looking forward to learning from you.

MiMi said...

Novel approach and a great idea! Hope you find the best boss ever.

Susan said...

Golly, I wish I could hire you! You are me, but younger, better educated, and on steroids. Not literally, but you know. I absolutely can't wait to hear about your very lucky next boss.

emily said...

your imagination is astounding and limitless! your boss-to-be is a lucky person...

hn said...


I wholeheartdly agree with Susan's comment 'you are me'!

I too see myself in you but I conformed some over the years I'm sad to admit. I have always been outside of the box so I was viewed more as a rebel than appreciated for my creativity and strategic approaches to solve problems. As a result, I started trying to be like the rest around me to try and get ahead.

I am here to tell every young woman not to do as I did or you will not be true to yourself and rob the world of your special, 'only you can do' contributions.

You have inspired me to let go and be me completely Susan! Watch out world...I'm quite a character but I'm also quite an asset:)

God bless you Susan. I will follow you because you are refreshing!

Hazel Nieves

prcconsultantsgroup said...

Well Susan, I'd hire you in a minute if I were looking to hire, but instead, I'm sending this link to everyone I know. Brilliant!

lewister said...

Ack! I fell behind here and left myself out of the conversation. Thanks for all the support everyone. It's always nice to have "risky" projects be well received.