Susan Hires a Boss

Starting with the wrong question

Roger thinks he wants to blog but worries about what to write about. David Meerman Scott asked his readers if Roger should blog and about what. And as you scroll through the comments, you see everyone answering the question David asked.

Which is the wrong question.

Whether Roger should blog is a fine thing to consider, but it’s a tactical point. With few exceptions, every comment focused on giving Roger topics to blog about or suggested a different tactic to try. It was the rare person who responded by asking the right question.

What was Roger’s goal?

Roger never stated it. He just said he understood the reason for blogging and thought it made sense, but he didn’t know what he would talk about. Which raises a big red flag for me. Because if he doesn’t know what he wants to say, he doesn’t know why he needs a blog. If he doesn’t know what to talk about, he probably doesn’t know whom he wants to talk to. He doesn’t have a strategic reason for blogging; he’s just doing what the cool kids do.

What Roger needs is to go back to the beginning and ask three questions:

1. Whom do I need to talk to?
2. Where do they hang out?
3. How to I become a part of the conversation?

Answering those could lead him start a Twitter account or an online community or a MeetUp group or a flickr account. The best tactic varies based on the answers. And until he knows the answers to those questions, asking about blogging is premature. Because the "what" you say comes easily from the "who" and "where" answers.


posted on May 19, 2009 under