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Social doesn’t mean life of the party

The very term “social media” trips up a lot of companies looking to get involved online.

Shannon Paul posted a great list recently of 16 boring things a company can do to become more social online. And they’re great and vital and you should totally do them. But what stuck with me was part of the intro – “Rather than trying to be the life of every party on every social network, simply think about what customers and community stake-holders want from you and over deliver.”

The social part of social media isn’t about being the life of the party. That might not fit with your company’s style. It might not fit with your company’s story. It might not fit with your company’s product. (You can only sex up financial products so much!)

But just because you’re a bank or an accounting firm or a plumber or a manufacturer doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the social media party. Your online activity doesn’t (and probably shouldn’t) be about creating a fun place for your customers to hang out or having the hottest facebook app.

The way I see it, for any company looking to get into social media, the priority is on customer interaction. Making it easier for them to reach you and easier for your employees to reach back. Conveying friendly on a digital plane. Creating remarkable relationships.

Being social.


posted on May 26, 2009 under