Susan Hires a Boss

I am The Producer

In the movie industry, there are some clearly defined jobs.

The executive producer brings together all the people needed to make a project happen. The director brings the artistic vision. And the actors, well, we know what they do.

But nothing happens without the producer.

Without the producer, the executive producer is just holding meetings with people, but no movies are made. Without the producer, the director has nowhere to shoot, no film and no costumes. Without the producer, the actors never get scripts and have no trailers to crash in.

The producer gets things done. Without the producer, there is no movie.

I am The Producer.

I don’t sit around talking about it; I do it. I don’t understand the words “not my job”; I take care of it. I don’t play solitaire for hours; I get things done.

I am The Producer. What can I make happen for you?


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Anonymous said...

Nicely said.