Susan Hires a Boss

Cool People: Trent Reznor

Trent Reznor is one cool dude. He's the genius behind Nine Inch Nails, breaking ground musically and breaking the music industry status quo while he's at it. Here are two things I love about him that would be great qualities for any boss to possess.

Fans First
Reznor is always looking for new ways to connect with and reward true fans. This includes an iPhone app for listening to Nine Inch Nails music, putting HD quality video from concerts on the website to let fans play with it and releasing the last album not only free, but under a Creative Commons license. (Blackberry and Android versions of the app are on their way.)

Reznor started a twitter campaign to help raise funds for Eric De La Cruz, a Medicaid patient in Nevada in need of a heart transplant. Nine Inch Nails and touring mates Jane’s Addiction are offering bonuses like hanging with the band, backstage passes, soundcheck visit and pictures for donations to Eric’s treatment fund. In just six days, they got the total in the fund to more than $800,000, exceeding the goal set. As far as I can tell, Trent just stumbled across this and decided to help.


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Jule said...

Oh, Susan, I hope you get the boss and the gig of your dreams because man oh man, whoever snags you (with you, of course, agreeing to the snagging) is one lucky dude/dudette.