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Cool Company: Little Miss Match

I adore Little Miss Match products. They're fun, unconventional and make me happy. So no surprise when I went to visit their offices in New York City that they'd make my cool companies list. Here's why:

LMM makes a product for preteen girls and the entire office is designed to help you remember it. Back in the area by the Fabulous Conference room is the space for daily snack time. And they have 20 flavors of Torani syrup so you can make your pop lime or raspberry or vanilla. The walls are covered with artwork - by the designers and by their customers. The conference room has a bright orange couch, pink bolster pillows and the LMM chairs. And the guard lion by the door? He's wearing two socks (mismatched, of course) and a pair of undies. You half expect to find a ball pit around the next corner.

The CEO's desk is under a bunkbed; says it all.

Every single person there looked up and smiled as I was getting my tour. And this isn't a place that gives regular tours so it's not like they have been trained to do this. They genuinely seem to be happy to see fans of the brand drop by and to be enjoying what they're doing. Who wouldn't? I saw some of the new designs and it's like they're coloring all day. Where're my crayons?


posted on May 18, 2009 under