Susan Hires a Boss

Apply to Be Susan’s Boss

Weird putting the tennis shoe on the other foot. But I’m serious about this, so there is an actual application process. I promise it’s nowhere near as painful as Microsoft’s, though.

  1. You read this website. Seriously. You need to know just what you’re getting into if you and I work together. I don’t want you to be surprised at all.
  2. You write me a lovely note (susanvlewis on explaining how you meet the qualifications and why you and I would make a great team. Or make up your own creative application. (I like anything that’s chocolate and peanut butter, FYI.) No real rules to this other than making it clear why we would be a fit and giving me a way to contact you back.
  3. I write you back to say thanks and that I got it. (So polite.)
  4. I will do homework. If you aren’t findable on Google, we’ll have a problem. (Unless that’s why you want to hire me. Then we might be a match made in heaven.)
  5. I contact you to say yes or no.
  6. We have a roughly 10-minute video chat to test the waters. (This is a good time to ask me about my house remodel, which you might see behind me.) If we click,
  7. We get together for coffee. (This is a good time to ask me about my weird Twitter activity.) If we still click,
  8. I come shadow you for at least half a day. I’m hiring the entire company, not just you, so I need to see the entire operation and get a real look at how you operate.
  9. We decide it’s a fabulous match and start working our way through the HR tape.
  10. I show up for work full of excitement and am proven correct in my choice of boss and company. I then proceed to blow you away and we're both thrilled.


posted on May 10, 2009


Will said...


My brother pointed me at your website because he found it via the American Marketing Associations Facebook page. I completely agree with your post about you interviewing people to be your boss. I'm willing to bet that not many people do this. It might limit his/her job offers, but the job offers presented will be the ones that fit best. Great stuff! Good luck! Let me know how it goes!